Flow Meter Solar OGM 1.5 Inch

Main Features :

  • The OGM series oval rotor positive displacement flow meters will measue your high or varying viscosity liquids
  • The body takes high pressure and is available in either aluminium PPS
  • The meter can be supplied wth a low cost mechanical totaliser or an LCD display mounted on the top of the flow meter
  • We have a range of instruments to suit all your requirements
  • The rotors are either ryton (PPS) or stainless steel making it suitable for a wide range of fuels, oils and chemicals.
  • The OGM Series operates on the oval rotor principle. Two oval rtors rotate on stainless steel shafts and sweep the measuring chamber. Each revolution of the rotors measures a precise volume of liquid through the meter. This volume is independent of the viscosity and density of your liquid.
  • You can mount the flow mete eithr horizontally or vertically and can use t either pumped or gravity feed applications. An upstream filter is recommende to prevent particles damagingyour flow meter.

Description :

OGM series Aluminium Oval Gear Meter can handle a wide range of viscous fluids with exceptional levels of repeatability and durability. It has mechanical display and electonics display for option.

Advantage :

  • Compact size, easy maintenance.
  • Easy to read and operate mechanical display
  • Horizontal and vertical flexibility of installation options
  • Low pressure drop


  • Widely used in Petroleum
  • Chemical
  • Medicine
  • Transportation
  • food industry

Technical Specification

Type : OGM-A-40

Size : 1.5 Inch

Minimum flow rate : 25L/min

Maximum Flow Rate : 250 L/Min

Accuracy : ±0.5%

Repeatability : ≼0.03%

Maximum Viscosity : 1000CPS

Maximum Operating Pressure : 1.8 Mpa

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