Flow Meter Solar OGM 2 Inch

Main Features :

  • The OGM Series ovl rotor positive displacement flow meters will measure your high or variying viscosity liquids.
  • The body takes high pressures and is available in either aluminium PPS
  • The meter can be supplied with a low cost mechanical totaliser or an LCD display mounted on the top of the flow meter
  • We have a range of instruments to suit all your requirements
  • The rotors are either ryton (PPS) or stainless steel making it suitable for a wide range of fuels, oils and chemicals
  • The OGM Series operates on the oval rotor principle. Two oval rotors rotate on Stainless steel shaft and sweep the measuring chamber. Each revolution of the rotors measures a precise volume liquid through the meter. This volume is independent o the viscosity and density of your liquid.
  • You can mount the flow meter either horizontally or vertically and can use it in either pumped or gravity feed applications. An upstream filter is recommended to prevent particles damaging your flow meter.

Description :

OGM series Aluminium Oval Gear Meter can handle a wide range of visous fluids with exceptional leels of repeatability and durability. It has mechanical display and electronics display for option.

Advantage :

  • Compact size, easy maintenance
  • Easy to read and operate mechanical display
  • Hurizontal and vertical flexibility f installation options
  • Low pressure drop

Application :

  • Widely used in Petroleum
  • Chemical
  • Medicine
  • Transportation
  • Food industry

Technical Specification

Type : OGM-A-50

Size : 2 Inch

Minimum flow rate : 30L/min

Maximum Flow Rate : 300 L/Min

Accuracy : ±0.5%

Repeatability : ≼0.03%

Maximum Viscosity : 1000CPS

Maximum Operating Pressure : 1.8 Mpa

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