• Model : Shm Portable Fuel Kit Digital
  • Power : 10-120 L/min
  • Power suply : 220 VAC /12 VCD /24 VAC
  • Pressure : 1,8 Mpa
  • Pump Turn speed : 550 w ,2800 rpm
  • inlet /Outlet : BSP 1″ /BSP 1
  • Working Temperature : (-25)-55c
  • Relative Humidity : 30-90%
  • fuel meter : Digital
  • suction house : 2m
  • Delivery Hose : 4m
  • Case : Metal base
  • Viscosity : 1000cps
  • Accuracy : +/-0,5%
  • Repeattiblity : 0,3%
  • Warranty 2 years (full service & spare parts)
  • The Pump must Not Run Dry I1

APPLICATION : Diesel Fuel ,Gasoline ,Methanol ,Lubricating oil ,Engine oil.

  1. liter preset dispensing : press” L/P”Chose L/Liter) to imput the total volume you want to dispense press start,the machine will automatically shut off the nozzle when the volume is the preset one.
  2. Price preset dispensing : press” chose P (Press)to input the total price you want to dispence ,Pres start ,the machine will automatically shut off the nozzle when the Price is the preset one.
  3. Non preset dispending : pick up the nozle or Press start,the machine will start to the dispance press stop to exit

1 .Coeffcient adjusment
When Stanbay,press stop ,then press L/P to keep 5.seconds,input the pasword 78787878 press l/p then the keyboard shows the current coefficient (like the1350 as below) , clear it and input the coefficient that you need press stop to exit the bigger coefficient is the smalter amount of oil is in fact. the smalter coefficiennt is the bigger amount of oil is in fact.

2. Unit Price anjustment
When standby ,pres stop ,then press/l/p to keep s seconds,input the pasword 11223344 pres l/p the board will show the current unit price ,press clear key and then input the unit price what you want

3. Total query
when Standby stop ,then press l/p to keep 5 seconds ,input the pasword 55667788,press l/p shows recent 10 reconds ,of refuel and totalizer ,l 1 is the lattest dispensing amount,lc is the total liter p1 is the laterrs dispensing account PC is the total price

4. Computer Common Fallure inspection steps and elimination method
1. When the sensor is foulting ,pick up the nozzle and press start , but it failed The keyboard shows E.I
2 . The voltage is not stable the battery is low .the keyboard shows the E2
3. When the price pass 9900 xx for one time ,stop the motor ,the key board show E 3 pick up the nozzle and press start ,continue to dispence
4.when liter passes start passes 9900xx for one time ,stop the motor ,the keyboard show the tip e 4 pick up the nozzle and press start ,continue to dispance

5. when the coefficient is zero, zero the keyboard shows ti it es

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