Water Meter Sensus 1.5 Inch


  • Excellent legibility of the register on all networks due to the protected dial
  • AMR copatible with HRI systems providing a pulse weight from 1 litre
  • Strong protection against tampering
  • Robust, suited to extended periods of immersion
  • optional customized meter marking (serial number, bar code, customer logo)


  • The 420PC reliability, resistance to bad water quality and quiet operation will satify both end users and network managers
  • The dial is housed in a case filled with lubricant, which means it is protected from the impurities in the network. It can be read perfectly under all conditions and is not affected by fogging or the build up of algae
  • The new oversized identification plate legibly shows all the eter characteristics and provides the possibility for a customized bar code or logo
  • Through its standard HRI interface the 420PC  be used in any network where a reliable and versatile AMR systems is required. The HRI solution is retrofittable and can be added at any time after the meter has been installed



The balanced force and upward movement of the water in the injection box means that the starting flow rate is low

The direct transmission gives the 420PC a good sensitivity, especially at low flow rates.



The 420PC meter has high protection against corrosion, water hammer, pressure and heat due to the use of high quality copper alloy and thick polycarbonate window

The internal components, made of high-grade polymers, have been designed to preserve the initial performance oh the meter :

  • the turbine is supported by sapphire which prevents shaft wear
  • the surface finish of the injection box prevents deposits forming. The double filtration provided by the pipe strianer and the seat filter prevents foreign bodies passing through the mechanism


The 5-drum display has large digits (5mm high) on a white background. This means the meter can be read from a distance of over one meter. Pointers on the dial show sub-multiples of a m³.

The register  wheels for m³ and the first pointer are mmersed in a lubricant, ensuring optimun operation and protection. This technique prevents any condensation and enables perfect legibility of the counter under all conditions, irrespective of the nature of the water.

The counter is protected by a very thick polymer glass designed to withstand the pressure and environment changes during all meter life.



Through its design, the 420PC offers extreme high protection against tampering to avoid any misuse oh the meter :

  • As the meter has no magnetic transmission and a magnet free HRI interface, it is totally unafected by a magnet placed near the meter.
  • The use of a robust brass body combined with a thick (8 mm) polycarbonate window prevents any mechanical tampering



Metrological Characteristic – ISO 14154

Nominal size : DN 40

Permanent low rate (Q₃) : 16 m³/h

Value of Ratio R (Q₃/Q₁) : 160/80/40

Overload flow rate (Q₄) : 20 m³/h

Minimum flow rate (Q₁)(tolerance ±5%) : 100 l/h

Transitional flow rate (Q₂)(tolerance ±2%): 160 l/h

Ratio (Q₂/Q₁) : 1.6


Technical Characteristics – ISO 14154

Nominal flow Q³ : 16 m³/h

Nominal Size DN : 40 mm

Register type : Semidry

Indication range : 10⁵ m³

Calibration value : 0.05 m³

Maximum admissible pressure/MAP : 16 bar

Working pressure range / ∆p/ : 0.3 to 16 bar

Pressure Loss : 0.63 bar

Temperature class/MAT/ : T50℃

Flow profile sensitivity classes : U0, D0

Position : H


Dimension and Weight 

Length : 300 mm

Width : 134 mm

Total height : 152 mm

Total height with assembled HRI : 182

Height to pipe axis : 61 mm

Piping dimension : 1″

Weight : 5.0 kg

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