LOTUS MINI is an all -roun solution for all your need for water is safe and solid and can also be controled remotely via the web applycation ERMES thrrogh a 2G /3G modem or alan adapter,while Modbus is available as option.

its elegant cover preserves the cleanliness of the inner components and their integrity chlorine dioxide produced by LOTUS MINI can be proportional to the circulating water flow or based on a measured setpoint.There is no storage of chlorine dioxide gas or concentrated solutions outside of the process application.

Max capacity; from 8 to 20 g/h


  • instantaneous CIO2 prudution
  • CIO dosing in proportional
  • FLOW control input (flow alarm)
  • Tank level control s (level alarm)
  • Water meter imput
  • Stand-by imput
  • Real time imput porduction data
  • pumps and SELF Flow sensor monitoring
  • permanen data storage with system data log (on logbook menu)
  • ERMES Communication
  • USB data log (option)
  • Ethernernet module (option)
  • GSM Internal modem (OPTION)
  • MODBUS module (option)
  • WIFI module(option)
  • Servis due date
  • mA output
  • CIO 2 concentration;2 g/1
  • FLOW control imput (flow alarm)
  • Tank level control (level alarm)
  • HCI (red ),Nacio2 (blue)and dilution water (grey) metering pumps
  • 3 SELFL Pump dosing check
  • MFKT/V multifunction valve as pressure ,safety, anti -syphon and bleed valve
  • PVC reaction chamber
  • ASA (acrylonitrile styrene Acrilate ) or fiber glass enclosure
  • IP65 protection (NEMA4X) of lotus control instrument and pumps
  • Wheel control for easy programing
  • Working temperature ;0-45 deg c (32 -110 deg f


Reaction at controlled pressure
Max capacity;from 8 to 20 g/h

High degree of the chlorine dioxide solution

No CIO 2 loss due to closed reaction chamber

Deluted chemicals

Also available equipped with a CIO 2 probe (SCL2 or SCL 17)or a Redox probe (ERH), a probe holder and a filter .

LOTUS MINI with gas sensor detection.

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