Clamp-On Ultrasonic Flowmeter

  • Various kinds of fluids are measurable
  • The clamp-on design provides easy and low cost operation upon installation
  • Th small-size, lightweight design facilitates ease of installation
  • Parameters are easily set via the use of dedicated PC communication software
  • Benefit from the functions equivalent to existing higher-grademodels at a low price

Specification :

Applicable fluidsHomogeneus fluids where ultrasonic wave can propagate turbidity : 10000 mg/L (degree) max.
Nominal size25 mm to 600 mm
Piping materials Steel pipe, SUS pipe, polyvinyl pipe, ductile cast-iron pipe, copper pipe, or other pipe made of material that can transmit ultrasonic wave steadily
Flow metering range0 to -/+ 10m/s
Fluid temperature range-20 to 60 degree Celcius (fluid and ambient)
Factory calibration accuracy-/+2.5 to -/+1.0% of reading (Depends on bore)
* Maximum applicable bore size may not be satisfied depending on the material or status of piping
* In the case of lining pipe, the lining must be in close contact with the main pipe. (Lining material is tar epoxy or mortar, or similiar)

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