Flow Meter Chemical Sizes 2 inch

Deskripsi Produk CPO Flow Meter Chemical Sizes 2 inch

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Flow Meter Solar SHM | CPO Flow Meter Chemical :

Liquid, Chemical, petroleum, metallurgy

  •  Summarize

Lumbar wheel flow meter is used for pipeline liquid flow measurement of continous or intermttent high-precision measurement instrumentation. It has high accuracy, good reliability, light weight, long life, easy instalation etc. It is a typical positive displacement flow meter product. Roots flow meter mainly by the measurement cavity, sealing the instanteneos flow of taffic, couple with letters intelligent control device and flow meter, can get remote measurement and control. It widely used in petroleum, chemical, electric power, metallurgy, transportation, food processing, medicine, defense, commerce and trade sectors such as oil and potreleum products, chemical solutions and other fluids accurate measurement.

  • Working Principle

When the measurement liquid flowing throgh the measuring chamber when the pressure in the formation of the and outlet meter, waist-round under the impetus of pressure in the second rotation. At the same time fixed on the waist by a pair of drive axle on the gear, there are two waist-round to maintain a continous rotation. With the waist wheel rotation, the liquid is continuosly discharged through the metering chamber flow meter. Convection over the liquid for each volume is four times volume of metering chamber. Through the sealing coupling, deceleration institutions direction of liquid flow and cumulative flow. Counter in the instalation of device that have become with pulse transmitter. And display instruments or computer systems accessories, and can be get Remote (quantitative, cumulative, instanteneous and other functions) automatic measurement and control.

  • Specifications

1. Working pressure (MPa)

2. Temperatur : -10-600C

3. Accuracy grade : 0.5, 0.2

4. Flow Range (m3h)

Diameter (mm) Liquid viscosity 3.0 – 150 mpa.s Liquid viscosity 3.0-150mpa.s Liquid viscosity 3.0-150 mpa.s Liquid viscosity 3.0 – 150 mpa.s
15 0.25-2.5 0.5-2.5 0.5-2.5 0.83-2.5
20 0.25-2.5 -2.5 0.5-2.5 0.83-2.5
25 0.6-6 1.2-6 1.2-6 2-6
40 1.6-16 3.2-16 3.2-16 5.3-16
50 2.5-25 5-25 5-25 8.3-25
80 6-60 12-60 12-60 20-60
100 10-100 20-100 20-100 33.3-100
150 40-200 40-200 100-200 66.7-200
Accuracy Grade 0.5 0.2
  • Cast alumunium wheel flow meter lumbar dimension just us (1)
  1. Flow meter should be installed after the filter, the two arrows pointing in the body on the line with the flow direction
  2. If there is gas in the pipeline, flow meter should be installed after the gas seperator
  3. Regardless of pipe is installed vertically or horizontally, the waist bearings of flow meter installed into a horizontal position axle (the counter should be perpendicular to the ground)
  4. Flow meter installed in the right ciricumstances, if difficult to see clearly, can be rotated 180 degrees to the counter, or 90 degrees
  5. Throttle valve should be installed in the meter entrace, opening and closing valve installed in the exit of the use of open-close valve slowly to start, do not suddenly open valve.
  6. Prohibited the use of scan-line steam throught the flowmeter
  7. In the continuos flow meter, need to add bypass pipe flow meter
  8. Pre-instalation flow meter, piping required to wash, rinse used straight pipe section (alternative flow meter position) to prevent the welding slag and debris from entering flow meter.
  9. Check water is strictly prohibited cast iron, cast steel material composition of flow meter.
  10. When using the flow meter size should not exceed the technical requirements. Flow meter to work at maximum flow rate 70-80% is good
  • Flow Range (Accuracy is 0.5%)
Diameter  Oil (mpa.s)
Heavy oil  Light oil Heavy oil  Light oil Heavy oil  Light oil
2.0 – 150  0.6-2.0 2.0-150 0.6-20 2.0-150 0.6-2.0 
25 0.6-6 1.2-6 1.2-6 1.5-6 1.5-6 2-6
40 1.6-16 3.2-16 3.2-16 4-16 4-16 5-16
50 2.5-25 5-25 5-25 6-25 6-25 8-25
8 6-60 12-60 12-60 15-60 15-60 20-60
100 10-100 20-100 20-100 25-100 25-100 33-100
150 25-250 50-250 50-250 60-250 60-250 80-250
Accuracy 0.3 0.3 0.2

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