Flow Meter Nitto Seiko 1 Inch BR25-2

Oil meters is, using measuring portion of the rotary piston type which is most simple construction among the positive displacement flow meter, primarily intended for use in fuel oil measuring applications. This meter is applied to a boiler fueling, measuring check and control of fuel oil and so on.

Feature :

  • Small and light weight
  • Easy handling and maintenance due to simplification of inner mechanism
  • Small influence by viscosity variation

Specification :

Volume symbol : BR25-2

Measured Liquid : Kerosen, light oil and A,B,C heavy oil

Nominal Size : 25A

Liquid Viscosity : 2~500 mPa.S

Liquid Temeperature : Normal~80° (Option for temperature 80~120°C)

Liquid pressure : 1.0 MPa or less

Measuring accuracy : Within ±0.5%

Connection : JIS10K 25A

Material : Body (FC 200) Rotor (AC3A)

1 MPa.s ~Kerosene, light oil : 30~200l/h

10~500MPa.s Heavy oil : 10~200 l/h

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