Fluxi 2000/TZ Turbine Gas Meter G-650 ITRON

Deskripsi Produk Fluxi 2000/TZ Turbine Gas Meter G-650 ITRON

Turbine Gas Meter
Fluxi 2000/TZ Turbine Gas Meter G-650
Turbine gas meters are flow meters. The flow of gas turns a turbine
wheel, and thus, the rotating speed of the turbine is proportional to
the linear speed of the gas.
The movement is mechanically transmitted to the totaliser through
the magnetic coupling.
The Fluxi 2000/TZ meter is composed of
five main parts:
–  a body containing all the components;
–  a flow straightener to stabilise and
–  accelerate the gas flow before theturbine wheel;
–  a measuring unit including the turbine wheel;
–  a magnetic coupling to transmit the movement of the turbine wheel to the totaliser;
– a totaliser to register the measured gas
Fluxi 2000/TZ meters are designed to measure natural gas, and various filtered, and non-corrosive gases. They are used to measure medium to high gas flow, at low, medium or high pressure. The Fluxi 2000/TZ meters have been optimised for use in all applications related to the transportation and distribution of gas. Fluxi 2000/TZ meters are approved for fiscal use.

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