Jual Gas Meter Itron G40 Diaphragm Meter


The G40 diaphragm meters are used for application requiring high precision and large rangeability at low pressure (below 1 bar gauge)

Due to the volumetric principle of the diaphragm meter, its metrology is not influenced by installation conditions.

They are designed for use with natural gas, manufactured gas and other non-corrosive gases.

The G40 diaphragm meter are approved for fiscal use.

Operating Principle :

The movement of the diaphragm is caused by the pressure difference between the inlet and the outlet of the meter. The reciprocal filling is controlled by means of 2 sliding valves.

This oscillating movement is transformed into a rotational one and is mechanically transmitted to the totalizer through a magnetic coupling or a stuffing box.

Diaphragm meter is made of four main parts :

  • The measuring uni mainly consisting in :
    – four measuring chambers
    – Two sliding valves
    – An outlet pipe
  • A steel casing where 1 or 2 connectors are fitted
  • A magnetic coupling or a stuffing box transmits the movement of the measuring unit to the totalizer
  • A totalizer is available in different versions depending on the application

Technical Specifications :

  • Gas type : Natural gas, air, propane, butane, nitrogen and all nn-corrosive gases
  • Cyclic Volume : 30 dm³
  • Temperature range :
    – Ambient : -25℃ to +55℃
    – Gas : -25℃ to +55℃
    – Storage : -40℃ to +70℃
  • Maximum working pressure : 0.5 bar (1 bar optional)
  • Flow Range :
    – Qmin : 0.4 m³/h
    – Qmax : 65 m³/h
  • Accuracy : Class 1.5
  • Approval : MID (04/22/EC) module B, DE-10-MI002-PTB004 Rev.1, and EN 1359:1998 + A1:2006
  • Totalizer : IP54
    UV resistant cover
    Fitted with a reflecting disc on the first drum to facilitate periodical checks
    Customised name plates : bar code, customer serial number or logo
  • Magnetic Coupling Stuffing Box : The meter is equipped as standard with a magnetic coupling
    As an alternative a stuffing box can be also installed
  • Connections :
    – Single pipe or 2 pipe connections
    – From DN40 to DN80 depending on the G-size
    – Vertical or horizontal connections for the G40
    – Other connections are available on request
  • Material :
    – Steel sheet, drawn or welded depending on the G-Size
    – The use of a powder-coated painting guarantees long term protection against corrosion
    – All the casings are of a screw type to allow easy maintenance on the meter-no crimped casing

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