Jual Limit Switchbox E-Tork EPLS-4N Series

Features :

  • Solid and flexible design. Aluminium die-casting housing and powder coating
  • Bolts on visual position indicator
  • Quick-set cam. Spring loaded splined cam. No need to adjust again after initial setting. Easy setting without tool.
  • Dual cable entries
  • Captive cover bolts. No worry to loose bolts while cover open.
  • Easy mounting bracket. NAMUR standard stainless steel shaft and bracket

Spesification Product :

Model : EPLS-4N Series

Enclosure : Weatherproof IP67/NEMA4&4x

Cable entries : Two NPT 3/4″ Max.4

Ambient Temperature : -20°C~80°C

Terminal Strips : 8 points (0.08~2.5mm²)

Position Indicator : 0~90° (90° turn free join) Close = Red, Open=Yellow

Switches : Mechanical Switcs x2, Proximity sensor x2

Painting : Chromate Polyester Powder Coating (black)


Option Specification :

Model : EPLS-3N Series

Cable entries : Two PF 3/4″, PT 3/4″, Max.4, M20, M25

Terminal Strips : 16 points (0.08~2.5mm²)

Position Indicator : Three Position

Switches : Mechanical Switch x4, Proximity sensor x4

Potentiometer : 1K ohm standard, 5K ohm.0-10 ohm

Painting : Red, Green, Blue, Yellow, Silver

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