Jual Turbine Flow Meter Oval

Turbine lowmeter with high accuracy over a wide viscosity range

Stable and highly accurate flow measurement is possible for liquids over a wide viscosity range including low Reynolds number.

  • High accuracy : 0.2% RD
  • 13 nominal sizes from 15 mm to 400 mm

Specifications :

Type Standard, Low viscosity ; Standard, High Viscosity
Nominal size Standard, low viscosity : 15 to 50 mm
Standard, High Viscosity : 80 to 400 mm
Connection satndardJIS10, 16, 20, 30K ASME/JPI150, 300
Body materialSUS304, other
Flow RangeStandard, low viscosity : 0.63 to 53m³/h (standard)
Standard, High Viscosity : 15 to 45003m³/h (standard)
Accuracy±0.2%RD or ±0.5% RD

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