Pneumatic Actuator E-Tork EMO26

Description :

The de-clutchable wormgear operator offers simple and reliable manual positioning of valves, dampers and other quarter-turn device when over riding existing pneumatic or hydraulic rotary actuators, All units are suitable for both indoor and outdoor. The modular design is to provide the most efficient and effective solution to a pull range of maual overiding requirements.

Operation :

To engange manual operation, firs full out the lock handle and then rotate the clutch leverin anti-clockwise direction until engagement take place. To return to automatic mode, first pull out the lock handle and then rotate the clutch lever in clockwise direction until engagement takes place.

Specification Product :

  • Housing : Cast iron or Alluminium Alloy
  • Gear Guardant : Ductile Iron
  • Input Shaft : ASTM A29M + Chrome Plated
  • Temperature Range : -20°C to +80°C (-4°F to +248°F)
  • Stroke Adjustment : ± 5° at each end
  • Movement : 0°-90°
  • Finishing paint : Two Polyurethane Coated
  • Enclosure : Sealed to IP65
  • Torque Range : 0~300 to 3600Nm

Technical Data :

Model : EMO26

Gear Ratio : 26 : 1

Input Torque (NM) : 48

Output Torque (NM) : 300

Handwheel Dia. : 250

Weights (Kg/Lbs) : 7.2/15.84

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