Pneumatic Actuator Spring Return

Deskripsi Produk Pneumatic Actuator – Spring Return (Fail Safe)

Detail Product :

Pneumatic Actuator – Spring Return (Fail Safe)

Sizing example of NUTORK spring return actuator. Spiring to close when air fails (air to open)

Valve torque 60Nm plus 20% safety factor = 72Nm. Minimum operating pressure : 6 Bar (87 psig). The spiring return NUTORK actuator selected is NKS-105-12. The NKS-105-12 has the following output torques :

  1. Air torque 0″ (valve close) = 122.5Nm>72Nm
  2. Air torque 90 (valve open) = 80.6Nm
  3. Spiring torque 90 (valve open) = 118.1Nm
  4. spiring torque 0 (valve close) = 75.9Nm > 72

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