SHM Roots Flow Meters

Description :

SHM roots flow meters : Analog/Mechanical Roots Flow meter for oil/Solar is an epoxy coated aluminium body and rotor, iron cover, copper shaft, and stainless steel bearing. It has high accuracy, good realibility, light weight, long life, and easy intallation. The register are both of resettable and totalizer for convenient use, and it can be coupled with the control device to get remote measurement.

Application :

It widely use in Petroleum, chemical, electric power,metallurgy, transportation, medicine, food processing, defense commerce, oil and other fluids accurate measurement

Features :

  • Working temperature : Cold -10-60℃ ; Hot -20 – 120℃
  • Pulse option Available
  • Maximum pressure : 1.6 Mpa
  • Maximum error : +/-0.5%
  • Counter reading : Litre
  • Warranty 2 years (full servic and spare parts)

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