Flow Meter Tokico FGBB835BDL-04X 25 mm

Tokico oil flowmeters are positive displacement type flow meter which are used in a wide variety of applications including measuring of boiler fuel oil and diesel oil, as well as for transactions for kerosene, light oil and heavy oil.

FGB Type

This flowmeter employs a gear-type rotor for small volume flow 0f low-viscosity oil in heat control applications, etc. It can be used without modification to measure kerosene, light oil or heavy oil. Measuring accuracy is ±0.5%.


Features :

  • Wide flow range and high accuracy

The accuracy of these flowmeters is within ±0.5% over a wide range of flow rates (max range of 1 : 150 for heavy oil)

  • Small pressure loss

Because the pressure loss of these meters is low, it is possible to perform accurate measuring at the suction side of a pump as well as accurate measurement of high viscosity fluids.

  • Compact Design

A positive displacement type flowmeter can be used at relatively high rotating speeds, making for compact design. In addition, the counter unit of these meters is compact yet easy-to-read, and construction is simple.

  • Excellent durability

The simple construction of these meters makes for longterm durability with virtually no degradation of accuracy

  • An electrical transmitter Unit attachable

A microswitch or a reed switch type transmitter unit having simple construction and high reliability is available.


Specification :

Model : FGB Type

Bore : 25 mm

Model No. Direct-reading integrating type : FGBB835BDL-04X

Accuracy : ±0.5%

Max. Working pressure : 10kgf/cm²

Hydraulic test pressure : 20kgf/cm²

Max. working temperature :

50°C for kerosene and light oil (100°C with the FGB type)

100°C for heavy oil (120°C with the FGB-00X and FGB-02X types)

Flange rating : JIS 10kgf/cm²FF

Material Body : Cast iron (FC25)

Material rotor : FGB Type : Resin

Counter Unit : Integrating pointer and integrating counter ( a reset counter is also available)

Electrical Transmitter Unit

Transmitter : FGB Type : Reed Switch (S)

Power Supply : AC100V 50/60 Hz as standard

Number of Pulse : 0~5 PPS

Output signal : ON-OFF contact

Transmission cable : 2-wire cable with cabtype

Kerosene, Light Oil : 150~3,000

A heavy Oil : 50~3,000

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