Ultra Oval Flow Meter

Positive Displacement Flowmeter with High Accuracy and General Versatility

  • High accuracy : ±0.5% RD (Option :±0.2% RD)
  • Since the metering chamber is a pocketless configuration, a wide range of fluids including chemicals are acceptable
  • Battery-operated model is also available (battery replaceable)
  • Low pressure loss and high durability


TypeStandards, High temperature service, Low temperature service
Nominal Size10, 20, 25, 40, 50 mm
Connection standardJIS10, 10, 20, 30K/ASME or JPI 150, 300 flange
MaterialWetted area : SCS14, other
Case : SUS316, other
Flow Range0.2 L/h to 44 m³/h (9 types)
Accuracy±0.5% RD (Option : ±0.2% RD)
Operating Temp. range-10 to +120℃ 9standard type)
Max. operating pressure2.94 Mpa
ConfigurationFlameproof or intrinsic safety
In an OVAL flowmeter, two oval gears in the metering chamber revolve by the energy of the fluid. The volume of the crescent shaped spaces surrounded by the metering chamber and the two gears is a known value. When the gears revolve one turn, the cresent spaces are discharged four times. Therefore, by measuring the number of gear revolution, the volume of the fluid passing through the flowmeter can be measured. The unit of flow is volume.

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