Ultrasonic Flow Meter Psonic-L4 Oval

Mutipath ultrasonic flowmeter for liquid service

  • By adopting a 4-path system, an accuracy of ±0.15% RD is achieved
  • Simple construction and high reliability by genuine Japanese production
  • Organized appearance with the sensor cables unexposed
  • Most suitable for custody transfer, process control, large flow rate measurement and calibration systems
  • Compliant with OIML R117
  • Maintenance free (No moving parts)
  • Nearly zero pressure loss


Applicable FluidsPetroleum, heavy oil, other liquids (homogeneous liquids through which an ultrasonic wave propagates)
Nominal Size100 mm, 150 mm, 200 mm, 250 mm, 300 mm
Connection standard JIS10, 20, 30K RF, JPI150, 300RF, ASME 150, 300 RF
Fluid temp. range-20 to +120℃
Flow Metering range-10 to +10 m/s
Factory calibration accuracy±0.5% RD (Standard)
±0.15% RD (high accuracy calibration)

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