Water Meter Louis Victor 4 Inch

Water Meter Louis Victor 4 Inch is a tool used to measure water usage. This water meter is usually used in housing, factories, apartments, and other.

Feature :

  • Vacuum sealed register ensures a clear presentation in a long-term service
  • Selected high quality materials for steady and reliable characteristic
  • Without removing the meter from the pipeline for maintenance and replacement

Maximum Permissible Error :

  • In the lower zone from Q1 inclusive up to but excluding Q2 is +/-5%
  • In the upper zone from Q2 inclusive up to and including Q4 is +/-2%

Working Condition :

  • Water temperature 0℃≼t≼30℃ (for cold water meter) 0℃≼t≼90℃ (for hot water meter)
  • Water pressure ≼1 Mpa
Water Meter Louis Victor 4 Inch

Specification :

Type : LXLC-10E

Size : 100 mm

Class : 20

Maximum Flow (Q4) : 125 M3/h

Nominal Flow (Q3) : 100 m3/h

Transitional flow (Q2) : 20 m3/h

Minimum Flow (Q1) : 5

Minimum Reading : 0.01 M3

Maximum reading : 999999.9 m3

Available For the other Brand and size

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