Bimetal Thermomanometer Model 100.0x


The thermomanometer with bimetal system is fitted directly at the measuring point via a stem. The valve allows the measuring instrument to be unscrewed without having to empty the heating system first. Due to the combination of a pressure gauge and bimetal thermometer the instrument can be used flexibily in a wide variety of applications.

Nominal size in mm

63, 80

Accuracy class

Pressure: 2.5 (EN 837-1)

Temperature: ±2.5 °C

Scale ranges

Pressure: 0 … 1 to 0 … 16 bar

Temperature: 0 … 100 to 0 … 150 °C

Working ranges

Pressure: Steady: 3/4 x full scale value

Fluctuating: 2/3 x full scale value

Short time: Full scale value

Temperature: Full scale value


  • Heating systems
  • Combi-boilers with hot water and heating


  • Combined indication for pressure and temperature.

Model 100.01 : At the top pressure, at the bottom temperature, temperature scale bent downward.

Model 100.02 : At the top pressure, at the bottom temperature

Model 100.10 and 100.12 : At the top temperature, at the bottom pressure

Scale Rangesto 0…16, 0….150°C


Process connection

R 1/2 ISO 7 (male), 22 mm flats

Models 100.01, 100.10: Lower mount (LM) 1)

Models 100.02, 100.12: Centre back mount (CBM)


Models 100.01, 100.02: Plastic, black

Models 100.10, 100.12: Steel, black lacquered


Copper alloy


Aluminium, white, black lettering

Pressure scale marked in blue, temperature scale marked in red

Models 100.01, 100.02: At the top pressure, at the bottom temperature (model 100.01:

Temp. scale bent downward)

Models 100.10, 100.12: At the top temperature, at the bottom pressure

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