LOTUS EASY IS The best solution if you want a simplebut professional way to produce chlorine dioxide ,thanks to an integrated All -in one Controller equpped with two metering pumps.

Chlorine dioxide produced by LOTUS EASY can be proportional to the circulating water flow or based on a based on a mesured setpoint ,it is then dosed into the water flow.There is no storage of chlorine dioxide therefore there is no chlorine dioxide gas or concentrated solutions outside the process appli cation. LOTUS EASY is designed so that the reaction to produce chlorine dioxide takes place in a reaction chaber.Multi function vaves on injection point ensure security of the reaction chamber.

Max capacity ;from 8 to 80 g/h


  • Instantaneous CIO 2 Production
  • CIO 2 dosing in proportional mode
  • Level alarms
  • Water meter input
  • stand -by input
  • Real time production data
  • pumps and SEFL sensors monitoring
  • servis due date
  • By-pass flow detection
  • mA (0-20mA)input
  • CIO 2 Concentration ;2 g/i
  • Level alarms
  • flow sensors
  • MFKT/V multifunction valve as pressure,safety,anti -syphon and bleed
  • Static mixer
  • PCV reaction chamber
  • Working temperature ;45 deg c (32-113 deg f)
  • 600×800 mm panel mounting
  • By -pass diametre DN 40


Reaction ambient pressure
Max capacity;from 8 to 80 g/h

High degree of the chlorine dioxside solution
No CIO 2 loss due to closed reaction chamber
Diluted chemicals

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