LOTUS ULTRA is the largest product among EMEC Chlorine dioxide generators and is used in all those cases in which there is need of a big production ,such as large water treatment plants .

Chlorne dioxide is produced from concentrated base chemicals ;acidchlorite process by Hydrochloric Acid (HCI 33% )and sodium chlorite (NaCIO 2 27 %).Chlorine dioxide produced by LOTUS ULTRA is set to be proportional to the circulating water flow or based on a setpoint ,it is the dosed into the water flow.

Max capacity; 2000 g/h


  • Instantaneous CIO 2 Production
  • CIO 2 dosing in proportional mode
  • flow control imput (flow alarms)
  • Tank level controls(level alrams)
  • Water meter input
  • stand -by input
  • Real time production data
  • pumps and SELF flow sensors monitoring
  • permanent data storage with system data log (on logbook menu)
  • Service due data
  • LOTUS constrol instrument
  • HCI (red) and NaCIO 2 (blue) metering pumps)
  • 2 pumps for dilution water (grey)
  • 4 SEFL Flow sensors as security
  • MFDF V multifunction valve as pressure ,by safety,anti-syphon and bleed valve
  • PVDF reaction chamber
  • IP65 Protection (

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