Water Meter SHM 1/2 Inch Cast Iron


SHM Multi Jet Cast Iron Flow Meters is an Analog/ Mechanical Multi Jet type flow meters with screw connections. For clean water. Body are made from cast iron. Durable, high performance, economical.


SHM Multi Jet Cast Iron Flow Meters can be used for : Irrigations, Cooling Systems, Filtration Systems, Water Monitoring, Residential, etc.


  • Working temperature : 0.1-50℃ for Cold Water
  • Max. pressure : 16 bar
  • Max. Error : +/- 2%
  • Protection Grade : IP 68
  • Material : Cast Iron
  • ISO 9001 and ISO 4064
  • Warranty 2 years (full service and spare part)

Technical Specification

SizeClassOverload FlowPermanent FlowTransitional flowMin. FlowMin. ReadingMax. ReadingLBHWeightConnecting Thread
1/2″ DN 15B3 m³/h1.5 m³/h120 l/h30 l/h0.00005 m³99.999 m³165 mm98 mm116 mm1.65 kgG 3/4 B
3/4″ DN 20B5 m³/h2.5 m³/h200 l/h50 l/h0.00005 m³99.999m³190 mm98 mm117 mm1.79 kgG 1 B

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