Control Valve Altitude Valve Float Operated

Application and general characteristics :

  • It prevents from overflowing from overflowing and maintains a constant level in the tank thank to a float
  • Opening and closing are very progressive, (a few centimeters from the required level)
  • Prefer the installation at the bottom of the tank or close to it

Working Principle

The level in the tank is low and the float switch S is fully open. The valve A is wide open and suplies the tank

The float is in intermediary position, the float switch is half closed. Consequently, the head loss increases the pressure in the upper chamber, the valve A will close. It will be completely closed as soon as no flow runs out from the float switch in high position


Installation Example and spare part List


Description Material
A Main Valve Cast iron
B Upstream isolation valve Nickel plated brass
C Drain clock Brass
D Chamber isolation valve Nickel plated brass
E1 Downstream isolation valve Nickel Plated brass
G Strainer Brass
H Orifice Stainless steel
S Pilote Bronze-Stainless steel-copper float




1 Isolation valve of the by-pass
2a-2b Isolation valves of the main water pipe
3 Rubber expansion joints
4 Non-return valve

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